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Tuesday - Thursday
Environmental Portraits

Chris Pinchbeck,

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The environmental portrait is the bread and butter for many commercial photographers outside wedding and portrait studio work. These needs publish in a variety of ads for corporations, annual reports, employee recognition, and community outreach.

This course focuses on the skills required to create dynamic, technically clean, efficiently produced portraits of people in their work place. The challenges of mindfully working in a new environment, finding the appropriate camera angle, perspective, addressing background concerns, dynamically posing subjects and utilizing appropriate lighting - all while maintaining an efficient and undisruptive workflow amid business pace - are essential skills we’ll cover during the course.

We’ll address the ins and outs, building each image up from the ground, first by showcasing specific examples and from there walking through a number of hands-on, practical set-ups where as a group, we face, set-up and photograph new, challenging environmental portrait situations.

The end result will be a fun workshop with experiential approach where students gain insight, practical knowledge and skills toward building commercial setting environmental portraiture confidence.  


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