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Standing Out In A Crowd
Darty Hines Cr.Photog 

Sponsored by: SYNC

Through experience, education and even some entertainment this class will help you stand out in today’s crowded photography industry. Through a wide variety of subjects Darty will help you find ways to reach new clients and cultivate current ones. The class will be heavily focused on marketing, social media and photography.

Here are just a few of the highlights you will learn during your time in Darty’s class at NEIPP.


     Easy to understand lighting
     Ring Light 
     Posing - how to do it and be confident about the results
      Props, Backgrounds and locations - selecting the right ones for the job
      A brief look at Photoshop and Creative Cloud and the new features
      Posing Challenge - a classroom exercise


     How to reach clients
     How to keep clients
     High School Seniors - reaching that tough market
     Designing marketing pieces
     Exploring new ways to reach customers
     Websites - over view and critiques
     Customer service and complaints
     Promotions and how to launch them
     Marketing Challenge - a classroom exercise 

Social Media

• The latest up to date information
• Managing your time
• How to have a good social presence
• Facebook - Groups, pages, ads, and more
• Instagram - How to tell your story
• SnapChat - Can you use it for business?
• Facebook Live
• Social media critiques - a classroom exercise

This class is NOT
• How to edit your images
• Off camera flash outdoors
• How to set up your pricing

This class will give you actionable take-aways to grow your business, be a better photographer, create marketing that works, and help you manage your social media feeds.

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