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There are multiple scholarships available for with the purpose of helping photographers attend NEIPP.




The Francis & Ann Sullivan Scholarship
Francis "Sully" and Ann were two of the founders of NEIPP and guided our school for nearly 30 years. Their devotion to its students still guides those who continue to keep NEIPP alive. Their scholarship will allow aspiring photographers to attend NEIPP tuition free. ($975 Value) The number of scholarships available is dependent upon income to the scholarship fund.

The Len Levy NEIPP Scholarship
This scholarship has been created to honor a long time instructor and strong supporter of The New England Institute of Professional Photography (NEIPP), Len "Mr. NEIPP" Levy. Len has always been a believer in understanding posing, lighting and the business of photography. To recognize Len's devotion to our industry, The Professional Photographers Association of New England (PPANE) and the NEIPP Board will award one $500 scholarship per year to an aspiring photographer to attend attend a NEIPP full immersion course or 2 two day courses.

PPA Affiliate School Scholarship
The PPA affiliated school scholarship program was created to help new photographers get needed education and to support and help PPA affiliated schools bring quality education to more photographers. This is a $500 scholarship to attend a NEIPP full immersion course or 2 two day courses.  Recipients must be PPA members for three years or less and an active member of PPANE.

To apply the PPA Affiliate School Scholarship (above)
contact the PPANE Executive Secretary at 978-419-1585.

PPANE State Conference Scholarship
At each New England State Conference, a PPANE President $250 Scholarship is drawn to attend NEIPP.

PPANE Annual Conference
At the PPANE Annual Conference, additional scholarships to NEIPP are awarded.  So be sure to attend the conference.

NEIPP Alumni Scholarships
Each year the NEIPP Alumni give away numerous scholarships for the next years NEIPP school. Scholarships are drawn from ALL current Alumni members.  Pay your alumni dues each year to be eligible to receive a scholarship to NEIPP.

Reduce your NEIPP tuition even more
To reduce your NEIPP tuition all you have to do is sign up for NEIPP and then have someone else sign up and tell us you referred them.  For everyone who lists you as a referral you get a $50 reduction in your tuition.  You could come to NEIPP for free!